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Descartes and the Aristotelian Framework of Sensory Perception
- Midwest Studies in Philosophy, 2011 [2]

Perceiving Ideas
- Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 100, Issue 3, 2018 [1]

in progress

Sensational Union: Descartes's Argument for Mind-Body Union in the Sixth Meditation
-  31 March 2016 [4] -

Judicial Error (Tentative Title)
-In Progress

Material Falsity (Tentative Title)
- In Progress

Anne Conway on Cartesian Dualism (Tentative Title)
-In Progress

"[n]": paper was rejected n times.
"...": paper is under review.
"-": paper is being reworked after rejection.
"R&R": Revise-&-Resubmit verdict; paper is being revised.